Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It's time. I have REALLY tried to continue blogging and emailing, etc. But my hands and my sighted eye are just tired. I am going to leave this post up for a few days before dissolving my blog. I will continue to read YOUR blogs and - if I am able - to comment or even bug you with an email now and again. I'll MISS my bloggy friends. I already feel so out of touch and I have truly TRIED to keep up. I just can't now. So it's time. Sending all of you smiles, hugs, and all WONDERFUL things!


Judi W. said...

Sad to read this .. i will miss your smiling face! Too bad you hate to talk on the phone :) Many hugs to you.

Hah-ich-ka-po-mea said...

Kai! Keep on kicking!

CatieAn said...

oh Kai I am so sorry. I love you and all your hi jinks take good care of yourself.

Cherie said...

I'm back :) I just wanted to say how happy I am to "see" your blog is still here! Even if you can't post anymore, it's comforting to click on the link to you and you are still here.
I'm also here to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you do something special just for you. I hope you know I love you!
No worries about responding back :) I know you think of me and they're happy thoughts :) Gigantic hugs! Chirp :)